Root Canal

Root Canal

A root canal is one of the most commonly dreaded dental treatments since it is associated with being extremely painful. However, improvements in modern dentistry have made the root canal therapy relatively simple and painless. Here at Cosmetic and Natural Dentistry, we take pride in making sure your experience is nothing less than amazing.

Root canal therapy is used to treat infections that are found within the root canal system and buried within the pulp of your affected tooth.

It might surprise you to know that each tooth can have more than one root canal. To ensure the infection is completely cleared, every root canal within your affected tooth will be treated.

In root canal therapy, the infection is cleared out using special tools, and then temporarily sealed to prevent further bacteria from entering the root canal.

At a follow-up appointment a week or so after your treatment, Dr. Edwards will check to make sure the infection is cleared. When the infection is completely eradicated, a permanent seal in the form of a cavity filling or crown will be placed on top of the tooth.

Although the affected tooth may feel tender for a few days, once your root canal treatment is completed you will be able to get back to your usual activities without further disruption.

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