Teething isn’t fun for adults either. Wisdom teeth are large and cutting them may be a painful experience. They don’t necessarily all cut at once either. Wisdom teeth are made up of four sections and many people find that they cut one corner at a time. This is called pericoronitis. When the wisdom tooth comes through in this way, the gum surrounding the tooth often gets swollen and sore, causing mild to moderate pain. The gum edges are also susceptible to infection as tiny particles of food and bacteria can collect there, even when the area is thoroughly cleaned several times a day. Round head toothbrushes and antiseptic mouthwash can help prevent this from happening, but if your wisdom tooth does get infected you will require a course of antibiotics to completely clear the pain and infection.

If you suffer from recurrent wisdom tooth infections, or your wisdom teeth are proving particularly difficult to get through, your dentist may recommend surgical intervention to remove the wisdom teeth altogether.

Your dentist is always open to talk about what you would like to do with your extraction site prior to removing a tooth. They will ensure to make a recommendation, and layout a treatment plan. To properly care for your extraction site, please make sure to schedule a follow up appointment.

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